What is the Developer Menu Options Password? 

The password is: 7788


What is the Factory Menu Options Password?

The password is: 168


What is the Canbus factory password?

The password is: 3368


Why is there no user manual in my package?

Due to the immense amount of functions and features, the information on T'EYES systems is too large. Updates occur quite often to improve user experience, so we use an User Manual in how to videos. We have moved to this guide form for over 3 years now with no problem. You can find it here.


Can the CC2 Plus and CC2L Plus software be upgraded to CC3?

The CC3 technology is very different from the CC2 editions, therefore they cannot be upgraded to CC3 software.

Even if you try to force an update, it will not work due to various system constraints.


What is TEYES Online?

It is a subscription based service that requires SIM card data to be installed inside of the unit. Via a mobile TEYES Online App, you are able to remotely track the position of the vehicle, take pictures from the TEYES Dash camera and remote control media, ect.


What is TEYES Voice Control?

It is like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for your TEYES head unit. The voice control software comes with a pre-activate 12 month free trial on all CC3 units.


Do I need to immediately purchase Voice Control activation after purchasing the head unit?

You do not have to make a purchase right away.

Upon receipt of the device, an envelope will be enclosed with a description of the conditions for participation in the promotion in order to obtain the right to use this software.

Also, upon receipt, a trial version of voice control for a period of 1 year are already activated on the TEYES CC3 device.


How do i update the T'EYES CC3 software?

To see the update method, please visit the online manual here.


If I have to return an item, how do I do it?

In case of any problematic or incomprehensible question regarding T'EYES products, first of all you need to contact our customer support service.

If you are not satisfied with the product, then within 7 days after receipt you can apply for the return of the product at your own shipping expense and must have a tracking number included.


Why has the CC3 been added with a cooling fan located outside the device case?

Firstly, the fan isn't required due to the CPU chipset which runs more efficiently, faster and cooler than its predecessors. However, T'EYES aim to go above and beyond our reliability, quality and longevity, we decided to include one anyway.

If the fan is installed inside the case, it would lead to a significant thickening of the back cover of the device. Due to the limited internal space of the center panel, it will become impossible to install the head unit in a range of cars. In addition, if the cooling fan is outside, it is easier to replace in the unlikelihood it needs to as fan failure has proven to be extremely rare.


Will T'EYES add new styling to the main interface of the CC3 in the future?

Yes, we are actively working to improve all our products.


Can the CC3 record the rear camera?

We currently are working on releasing an update to allow you to dual record the rear live camera with the integrated T’EYES dash camera.


Will there be more new 3D images for T'EYES Vision in the future?

Yes! Based on the feedback of our users, we've heard you!

We are working on new 3D images, and are expecting new 3D updates in 2021.