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Fantastic head unit

It's great, buy this unit.

Fitted very easily to Prado 150 2018 GX. Great installation videos.

The included fascia is to the same quality as the OEM one which came out.

The 10" display fits very nicely in the dash, understated, looks better than factory fitted and having seen it in place, I would never choose the 11" version.

It's really nice that it does not have branding from the manufacturer printed on the fascia (Joying take note!).

Ridiculously better than the Toyota head unit. Better than previous Android units from other brands.

Shipping ex-China took a couple of weeks to AU. Not too bad. Speedy responses from Dan of

Two wiring looms included, very different, one of which fitted perfectly.
To my surprise the original Toyota backup camera works well without needing an adaptor.

Audio quality is much better than the Toyota unit. Makes the original speakers sound surprisingly good.

Steering controls worked as soon as I selected the correct CAN module and vehicle type. No programming required.

Software was a pleasant surprise and even better after update to the latest version. Very clean, purposeful and integrates with the car i.e. doors open show on the head unit, screen dims to follow dashboard lights or time of day, and when one changes the climate control, the control panel appears on the display. Given the improvements between one version and the next, I'll be enthusiastic about the next release.

All the t'eyes made built-in applications work well.

In the car settings I was able to turn off the chirp which happens when the car is locked by the remote (thank goodness), and fiddle with other useful settings like door lock logic.

Standard Android apps including Gaia GPS and Torque are working without any problems.
Head unit links to 3rd party OBDII adaptors ("connect success" from Bluetooth App). They are not shown as connected, which is confusing, but they work and automatically re-link every time on vehicle startup.

Display is clear and bright with good touch sensitivity. Full brightness is fine even on mid summer days in AU. Android is really fast, no delays, feels as good as a high end phone or iPad.

No external microphone was included, but the one in the fascia seems pretty good.

Minimum display brightness could be less. It's by no means bright at night, but could be dimmer.

It would be nice to be able to add my own media payer (PowerAmp) to the built-in media selection app which cycles through bluetooth/cloud radio/media player/FM etc.

To be able to turn off the Android reversing lines altogether rather than only adjust them, because the Toyota ones are permanently superimposed. Not a problem if you fit your own camera.

Would be nice for the permanent buttons on the fascia to be on the correct side for RHD vehicles or duplicated on both sides of the unit, but I realise we are in the minority...

Things not working:
The original Toyota USB port near the handbrake, because the adpator included was not quite correct. However there are 3 other ports with the unit so I have not worried about that.

With the Toyota head unit, GPS navigation and songs used to display on the binnacle multi function display between rev counter and speedo, but now do not. That's no real loss.

Transit custom

The fascia is a poor fit but the unit has some good features

Not received!

I’ve been waiting for almost a month and I still have not received this product!

Hi Jonah it's been at a processing facility in the US for a week. It was updated yesterday.
If you have concerns please go through the correct channels and contact us as this is not monitored.

Thank you

CC3 with dash cam and OBD II reader

Overall it’s a good head unit with a nicely designed OS & UI, with minimal lag. The screen is excellent though set a little too bright in its darkest setting.
I’m not a fan of the shiny black plastic surround as it picks up fingerprints and looks grubby, but that’s seemingly the design of the times, it does fit well, but the screws that were supplied were not sufficient to complete the installation.
The dash cam is a bit flimsy, and the picture in the dark is a little limited, however the integration is good. It would be nice if the recorded files were easier to find in the file manager.
The OBD II interface is really nice looking, however I can not for the life of me get the reader to connect to the head unit. So far I’ve had no success accessing customer support.
If there had been sufficient screws supplied, and the OBD reader had worked, and customer support had got back to me, I’d rate the kit 5* overall. It’s hard to beat on price.

Great product

Used to modernize my Honda Accord Gen 8 multimedia system.
A great good change, it is smooth and pleasant to use.
The DVR is very good and the rear camera resolution is just incredible.
The only bad points I noticed is some cables on the harness are not translated in English so I don't know what they are for. And the Teyes App prompt for software updates that are already installed but it is not so annoying :) .
I totally recommand if you have an old car or if you're not satisfied of the builtin manufacturer system.

Man weiß nicht so recht was man damit anfangen soll...

Zunächst ich hab die falsche Größe bestellt.
Trotzdem, man weiß nicht so recht was man damit anfangen soll.
Es fehlt eine Anleitung wie man den Protector aufbringen soll, kann man nur vermuten. Für jemanden der sowas nicht täglich macht nicht leicht zu durchschauen.

I never received it but every thing else it awesome.

Luke Parkin
Triton Review

Finally got the C3 installed in my 2016 triton mq and it looks like it came fresh from the factory it is so good. The screen is nice and large. Fast response between the apps, connects to my phone fine to get maps and spotify. Doesn't reflect or look dull in sunlight. After two weeks of daily use I am very happy with the product and the price I purchased it at. I got it professionally installed which i would recommended as it is a bit of work to install it and they had to play around with the vents a little to get it to fit snug. Overall 10/10.

Little trashed due shipping

Came out of the box with minimal damage .the product did make a slight change for the better.

Awesome replacement for a dated headunit!

I am very pleased with my Teyes CC3 head unit. Installation was a little more difficult than expected and I am still working through a couple small programming type issues, but support from Teyes has been excellent and prompt. If you are looking to replace your dated head unit in a Lexus GX470, Prado 120, or another vehicle, I would highly recommend the CC3!

A long process

Till this day I have not been able to set up my unit. They did not send methe right cables, and I don't even know if I will get the cable.communication is very slow. Now I'm stuck with a paperweight. I don't think I can even return it or sell it.

Hi Tyrus, as mentioned just waiting on more stock of this harness and we will send it to you. Sorry for the wait, but please dont worry, if you dont want to wait you can always send it back.

thank you

Integrated AR HD Dash Camera

Toyota Prius XW50 (2015-2020)
Rojanachaichanin, Suchat
Very happy with the radio unit

Everything works perfectly. I enjoy the music from the radio.

Excellent! Very Good!!

Excellent. Great video and audio resolution ok. I liked the possibility of being able to install all the apps from the google store.

To review mounting plate for the Toyota Auris MY16-18 1.8 Hybrid Active.

For the rest everything ok


Unit works as described. Very easy to install and customer support was fantastic throughout the entire experience. I would 10/10 recommend.

compatible Peugeot 208 year 2014. ?

Good evening,

I am interested in this car radio and I would like to know if it fits on a Peugeot 208 from 2014?
if so, does it take charge of Park assist?
thank you so much

Honda Accord 8 (2008-2012)
Guzman Lazaro Gomez

very good product, fully recommended and compatible, and great service

Caméra parfaite pour le parking

J'ai pa eu trop de mal à installer la caméra. La vision est top même la nuit. Je ne regrette pas

Nw Pajero

Works great even with Rockford system

I'm still waiting, nothing has come so far

Good items

I Like so much your teyes android

All good.

I have just installed the CC2+ head unit with the optional Sony camera and the camera works well; very clear with great field of vision. Hope everything continues working for many trouble free years.

У меня SKODA CITIGO 2012 года.
У Вас есть что-то интересное,для замены моей штатной?

Chevrolet TrailBlazer 2 / S-10 Colorado / Isuzu D-Max (2012 - 2016)

Installed easily enough, had a couple of questions to Dan and he was great help. Thanks